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Stalactite of Calcite and Apophyllite

Stalactite of Calcite and Apophyllite


Calcite and Apophyllite stalactite from India.


TheApophyllitesarecrystallizedinPoint, verynice shiny piece.

Very large crystals at the tip!

She deserves her place in thefinest collectionsWherethe most prestigious showcases.




Origin:Kannad Mine, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India

Size: 17cm by 14.5cm by 9cm for 1kg327


Definition : L'apophylliteis not a speciesmineralbut a generic group name comprising three different species which form between them continuous series. These are allphyllosilicates. TheApophylliteare part ofZeolites, which also includesmineralssuch as thecalcite, Stilbites, Chalcedonies,Okenites, Gyrolites, Phrenites, Datolites,Scolecites,Heulandites, ... We also find thesemineralsin the form ofGeodes.

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