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Here is the store and online store for sale of minerals in natural geodes .

Our Geodes are carefully selected according to their qualities  ; our Geodes amethyst from Brazil are not cracked, not stuck back, unlike many geodes from Brazil sold.

Like almost all Amethyst geodes from Brazil, they are set on concrete.

The Geodes of Amethyst , Quartz , Celestine , Agate , Okenite , Septaria , Calcite , Citrine ,… are also naturally intact pieces .

Geodes from Uruguay , Brazil and Morocco , Quartz Calcite geodes from Morocco or France , Celestine geodes from Madagascar , Zeolite and Okenite geodes from India , all are carefully selected.  !

Our minerals and geodes are chosen for their quality and aesthetics to meet mineralogical and energy requirements.

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