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Crystal skulls

Here the shop and online store selling crystal skulls!

They are made of various minerals and semi precious stones , hand carved in top quality minerals to be able to enjoy an extraordinary energy !

Each Skull is unique and very particular . The stones are selected rigorously according to the purity , the quality and the energy which they release .

As a Skull Ferryman , here you will find high vibrating energy tools and companions.

Our Mineral Crystal Skulls are created in reference to the legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls of South America.

Here is our article on the history of the Crystal Skulls :

Quantities are limited because they are unique pieces and created in a particular way  ; you will find , depending on the arrivals , Quartz Crystal Skulls , Amethyst , Citrine , Rose Quartz , Agate , Pietersite , with geode , Pyrite , Garnet , Jasper , Rhodonite ,…

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