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Here you will find all the useful links and friend links of Rock Mineral Valley .

Here are our different pages and channels but also our friends who support us and whom we support  :

Le Blog pour les passionnés de Minéraux

Our blog on the passion and collection of minerals.

Chambres d'Hôtes et restaurents

Enjoy a stay in Alsace and combine relaxation, well-being and tourism.  

Relax in our estate on the edge of the forest in a valley between a stream and a chapel.  In this green setting, you can follow in the footsteps of famous castles and monasteries, prefer nature walks, ski or snowshoe yesterday, visit wine cellars, Christmas markets, visit mythical cities such as Strasbourg and Colmar which are 40 minutes away, or simply relax.


Who is Cathy?

We often talk about the DNA of a brand, and my brand is DNA!

I am a conscience awakener and a speaker. I like to say that I am an intuitive and spiritual holistic facilitator.

Endowed with extrasensory and multidimensional capacities since my childhood, I come back with a potential that I have acquired in other lives, which allows me to perceive the invisible world and the universal information field.


Hello to all !

I have been working with the energies For many years, the stones have spoken to me and connected me even if I adore the oracles I will give you guidance from the prints as well as messages guided by the crystal the oracles and my guides Know that clairvoyance remains messages which come to us from our guides, however it is important that you understand that not everything is an exact science, in the sense that you are free of your destiny When we see an event it will happen but do not be inactive you must also take your destiny in hand and what must happen will happen in due time.. Namaste


To reach me:

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notre Facebook

Our Facebook Page.

Notre chaine Youtube

Our Youtube channel.

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