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Lapis Lazuli Wica Moon Pendant

Lapis Lazuli Wica Moon Pendant


Lapis Lazuli Wica Magic Moon Moon Pendant.


Natural stone pendant powerful in energy and of good quality !

This Lapis Lazuli pendant is ideal for everyone!

Energy generator ! Magic pendant, Celtic Wica .

No chain provided.


Size: 6.6cm by 1.6cm


Energy properties and Lithotherapy :

Lapis Lazuli is a stone that stimulates intuition , clear clairvoyance , creativity . Ideal for meditations . Helps with expression and helps to say things. Balances the Thyroid . She fights depression . Relieves allergies , skin . Stimulates hair , nails and the immune system . Stone of protection . It is a stone of happiness .


Purification and recharging :

Lunar and solar light, Druse or Geode .


Lapis Lazuli in various forms:

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