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Giant Malachite from Congo XL

Giant Malachite from Congo XL

Giant Malachite from Congo, Africa.


Ultra RARE and authentic Nipple Malachite .

Part certified 100% natural . A very rare piece that can only be found in a few major collections around the world or in museums !!

Very nice green color well supported!


  • Size: N/C
  • Chemical formula: Cu2CO3(OH)2
  • Mohs scale: 3.5 to 4


Definition :

Malachite is identified with chrysocolla .  which has the shade of budding wheat, in its freshest greenery  according to Pliny the Elder. The name of this mineral comes from the Latin malachites deformation of the ancient Greek molochē (μολóχη), variant of malachē (μαλάχη), meaning according to the context  : “  soft, voluptuous, effeminate  », in allusion not to the color but to the plant nicknamed Mauve because of the softness of its curves.

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