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Labradorite TOP AAA +++ from Bokonaky, Maniry, Tulear province, Madagascar.


Beautiful piece in golden and blue colors.
Supplied with a Japanese wooden base.


  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Size (without the base): 12 cm by 9.5 cm by 6.5 cm for 923gr
  • Chemical formula: (Na, Ca) (Al, Si) 4O8
  • Crystal system: Triclinic
  • Hardness Mohs scale: 7



Labradorite is a mineral of the plagioclase feldspars family (silicate group, tectosilicate subgroup). 

It is an essential stone of protection against negative energies ! Protection also against the negative thoughts of others. It helps mediation and works on the chakras . It is recommended to people who too much effort or too much hardship have reduced to great weakness, it will help regain tone . It restores the aura and the energetic bodies . It develops the capacities of clear clairvoyances , intutions and dreams .

It is a stone that is often found in pebble, sphere or polished stone and also in jewelry , sometimes also called "commercially" moonstone but which is actually a variety of white Labradorite ( the real moonstone is peachy or gray color , sometimes greenish ). See our article here on " False Minerals ".

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