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Big Staurotide Fairy stone from Bretagne, FR

Big Staurotide Fairy stone from Bretagne, FR


Big Staurotide Fairy stone from Brittany, France.


Size: 4.2 cm by 3.4 cm by 1.6 cm for 53gr


Do you know the Staurotis ?

This little Breton curiosity is an oddly shaped cruciform stone, very rare in the world, found in the Finistere. Her cross shape gives it magical powers and the ancients used it as a good luck talisman .

A sacred stone of divine origin !

Staurotide or Staurolite (in Latin Lapis Crucifer ), commonly called “ cross stone ”, “ Croisette de Bretagne ” or “ Coadry stone ” or even “ fairy stone ” is a curious metamorphic rock with geometric shapes with many magical properties .

According to an Irish legend, the Staurotids would have been formed by the fairies when they learned the death of Christ . We can also read that the Staurotids would be fragments of meteorites signed with a cross to remind us that the earth and men were created by a higher entity.

The Staurotids were once offered to newlyweds to protect them from disease. They also have the power to cure rabies (before Pasteur's discovery).

In every corner of the houses, they keep lightning away and protect them from negative energies ! Breton sailors used to take them aboard their ship to protect themselves from shipwrecks. Thus, we find Staurotids in improbable places such as Reunion Island where they are talismans with magical virtues .

It helps to overcome addictions to tobacco, alcohol, coffee, but also mental addictions to gambling, social networks, video games and even at work!

Staurotide evacuates negative waves , it allows the wearer to regain lucidity and protects him . Worn around the neck or in the pocket, it is excellent for centering energy bodies and for strengthening the immune system !

It helps to anchor , helps to achieve its goal and objectives .

It is therefore one of the most powerful stones for protecting oneself and the home by placing an impermeable shield against negative influences !


Purification : rarely necessary, however a passage underwater and exposing it to the sun and the moon will do it good, it also loves the Earth where we can run away or put it on the Earth to recharge it.


Wikipedia definition:

Staurolite or staurotide is a mineral species of the group of silicates and of the subgroup of neosubsilicates, of the formula (Fe, Mg, Zn, Co) 1,5-2Al9 (SiO4) 4O6 (O, OH) 2 with traces of Ti, Cr, Mn, Co and Li. It crystallizes in the monoclinic crystal system .

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