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Quartz and Calcite Geode XXL

Quartz and Calcite Geode XXL

€400.00 Regular Price
€300.00Sale Price

Complete Geode of Quartz and Calcite from Morocco


Magnificent crystallization has laces.
100% natural .
Size of the complete nodule: 46 cm by 34 cm by 27 cm for 35 kg


Ideal piece for purifying and recharging other stones or jewelry !

To come and pick up on site only!


Wikipedia definition:

Quartz is a mineral species of the group of silicatesc, a subgroup of tectosilicates, composed of silicon dioxide, or silica, with the chemical formula SiO2. It comes in the form or large colorless crystals, colored or smoked, or microscopic crystals translucent.

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