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Amethyst Geode Exctra from Brazil

Amethyst Geode Exctra from Brazil


Brazilian Amethyst Geode


AAA +++ Quality geode , extraordinary color close to Uruguay's Amethyst ! premium quality!

It is a Geode of excellence !
Size: 31cm high by 24.5cm wide by 19cm deep for 17.35Kg
price: 24 euros per Kg
Part intact, no cracks.

Chemical formula: SiO2

Crystal system: Trigonal

Hardness Mohs scale: 7


Definition : It is a variety of purple quartz , found throughout the world ( Amethyst from Brazil, Uruguay, Africa, Mexico, Bulgaria, France …). This pronounced purple color is due to silicon dioxide . It is found in a very translucent to very dark format. Amethyst will be found as an element of choice in jewelry and classified as a fine stone according to the quality of the crystals . It is found in various forms: Geodes of Amethysts , Druses or clusters of Crystals , Crystal , pebbles rough or polished, Spheres or Eggs , sometimes also in slices .

Sometimes you can find Citrine geodes which are actually Amethysts that have been heated. Here is our full article on crystal treatment to avoid !


Properties : Amethyst is a mineral which has virtues linked to spirituality . Excellent against anxiety. Helps develop intuition and concentration in meditation . It is used in Lithotherapy to harmonize the crown chakra or other chakras needing energy harmonization . It soothes headaches and has protective effects against negative waves . A large Amethyst or a geode protects the house and purifies the atmosphere .

Help on all blood diseases. It strengthens the will and helps to find a calm sleep . Amethyst or Quartz Geodes are used for the purification of jewelry , bracelet s, necklaces mala , pendants , rollers or crystals used in everyday life.

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