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Fluorite with Barite from Berbes, Spain

Fluorite with Barite from Berbes, Spain

€320.00 Regular Price
€185.00Sale Price

Fluorite with Baritine and Quartz from Berbes, Spain


Piece top and rare! Ideal forcollectorofminerals !

Mbeautiful colors purple!

Ideal forconnoisseurlooking forFluorites of Excellence.

She deserves her place in thefinest collections where themost prestigious showcases.




  • Origin :Berbes, Spain
  • Size: 18 cm by 6.5 cm by 5 cm for 609gr
  • Chemical formula: CaF2
  • Crystal system: Cubic
  • Hardness Mohs scale: 4


Definition :

Therefluorite(Orfluorite) is a speciesmineralmade ofcalcium fluoride. The different trace ions are at the origin of the multiple colors and colored zoning encountered for thismineral.

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