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Red Jasper Dragon Skull

Red Jasper Dragon Skull

Red Jasper Dragon Skull


Jasper Dragon,magnificent colors red, ochre, orange.

Skullwith a lot ofdetails,shaped by hand.

ThisSkullwill do thesatisfactionofpassionate,collectorsWhereenergy companieseither for theLithotherapyor forpersonal development work.


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  • Origin ofPierre:Africa
  • Size: 12 cm long by 7 cm high by 6.5 cm wide
  • Properties, virtues:Very high in energy, givestoneand somewill.physical vitality,lucky charmfor thetravelers, helps toto reinforce,give courage, of thestrengthand helps achievegoals.


Above are theenergy propertiesofbaseof thePierre, it should be noted that eachskull possesseshisspecial energyand theenergy effectsmay differ more or less strongly frombasic properties! It's up to you todiscoverhisnameand what youwill bring energy.Good work !


Solinkyou will findThe Legend of the Crystal Skulls


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