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RARE Crystal Skull in Llanite Que Sera Stone "The Mage"

RARE Crystal Skull in Llanite Que Sera Stone "The Mage"

Llanite Crystal Skull, Que Sera Stone, RARE Vulcanite.


Skullinllanitealso calledWhat Will Stone BeWhereVulcaniteit's acomposite natural stoneofVery rare blue quartz, ofMicrocline, ofPlagioclase, ofBiotite, offluoriteand D'Apatitesometimes with traces ofMagnetite.

Skullofgreat finessewith a lot ofdetails,shaped by hand.

Very powerful and exceptional!

ThisSkullwill do thesatisfactionofpassionate,collectorsWhereenergy companieseither for theLithotherapyor forpersonal development work.


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  • Origin ofPierre:USA
  • Size: 10 cm long by 8 cm high by 6 cm wide for 880gr
  • properties virtues:The Que Sera Stoneprovides us withenergy and power. Help tointuition and creativity. Shedevelopedtheclairaudience, theclairvoyance, thempsychic abilities, thetelepathy, I'self expression, theself-awarenessand U.Sconnects to our consciousness and to the Divine.Powerful meditation stone. It gives us answers and helps us move forward and makegood decisions. She bringcalmandserenity,relieves stressandtreats fatigue.Protection against electromagnetic fields and WI-FI waves. Shestimulatesandstrengthens the immune system.


Solinkyou will findThe Legend of the Crystal Skulls


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