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Pyrite Crystal Skull "Joy and Abundance"

Pyrite Crystal Skull "Joy and Abundance"


Crystal skull in Pyrite.


Handcrafted skull of great finesse and detail.

Very powerful and exceptional!

This Skull will satisfy enthusiasts, collectors or energy specialists, for lithotherapy or personal development work.





Stone provenance: Peru

Size: 5 cm long by 3.5 cm wide by 3.5 cm high, 185g

Properties and virtues: Pyrite is also known as "fool's gold". This expression comes from the turn of the century, when miners in America found it at the bottom of a mine and thought they had discovered large gold crystals in great quantities. They lost their minds thinking about the discovery and the amount of gold. This is one of the strongest stones for incarnation. It helps bring abundance and wealth, joy and strength. It helps combat depression, bringing sunshine and light to our body and soul. It helps relieve cystitis and promotes healthy brain function. It is excellent for bronchial tubes and the solar plexus, and supports the body's iron supply. It helps us to be imaginative and creative.



On this link you'll find La Légande des Crânes de Cristal


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