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Labradorit Crystal Skull

Labradorit Crystal Skull

Labradorite Crystal Skull .


Labradorite skull with beautiful blue and green reflections.

Skull with a lot of details , shaped by hand .

Very powerful protector !

This Skull will satisfy enthusiasts , collectors or energy specialists either for Lithotherapy or for personal development work .




  • Origin of the stone : Madagascar
  • Size: 11.5cm long by 10cm high by 7.5cm wide for 1kg353
  • Properties, virtues : Very powerful protection that creates a barrier against negative energies , fights negative thoughts . Develops the Chakras , it is excellent for meditation . Helps to find harmonious relationships with others. Helps regain tone and supports people with low energy levels .


On this link you will find The Legend of the Crystal Skulls


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