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Crystal Skull Dragon in Green Fluorite "The Healer"

Crystal Skull Dragon in Green Fluorite "The Healer"

Crystal Dragon Skull in Green Fluorite .


Natural Fluorite Gem Dragon Skull.

Skull of great finesse with many details , shaped by hand .

Very powerful and Exceptional ! Top quality! superb colors!

This Skull will satisfy enthusiasts , collectors or energy specialists either for Lithotherapy or for personal development work .




  • Size: 13.5 cm long by 7 cm high by 6 cm wide for 540 gr
  • Virtues properties : Fluorite neutralizes the negative waves of a house or a room. It multiplies the capacities of the mind. It gives inspiration and helps creativity. Helps flush out toxins and promotes digestion. Help during studies or intellectual work. Intuition and spirituality, stone of meditation and personal development work. Fluorite or Green Fluorite is a powerful healing stone that helps us heal ourselves and develop our magnetism.


Above these are the basic energetic properties of the stone , you should know that each skull has its particular energy and the energetic effects can differ more or less strongly from the basic properties ! It is up to you to find out its name and what it will bring you in energy . Good work !


On this link you will find The Legend of the Crystal Skulls


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