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Indian Agate Dragon Crystal Skull "The Atlantean"

Indian Agate Dragon Crystal Skull "The Atlantean"


Crystal Skull Dragon in Indian Agate.


Dragon skull in natural Indian Agate.

Handcrafted skull of great finesse and detail.

Very powerful and exceptional! Top quality! Superb colors!

This skull will satisfy enthusiasts, collectors and energy specialists, whether for lithotherapy or personal development work.





Size: 10 cm long by 5 cm wide by 6 cm high, 290 g

Properties and virtues: Agate eliminates blockages, strengthens the entire digestive system and works on the stomach. Helps build awareness of personal resources. Promotes financial prosperity, stone of luck and gain.



These are the stone's basic energetic properties. It's important to remember that each skull has its own particular energy, and the energetic effects may differ to a greater or lesser extent from the basic properties! It's up to you to discover its name and what energy it will bring you. Enjoy your work!


On this link you'll find La Légande des Crânes de Cristal


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