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Green Apophyllite with Mordenite

Green Apophyllite with Mordenite


Green Apophyllite with Indian Mordenite


B she present!

Top of top of the deposit! Part that has become very difficult to find.

It deserves its place in the most refined collections or the most prestigious showcases .

Size: N / C


Definition : Apophyllite is not a mineral species but a generic name of a group comprising three different species which form continuous series between them. They are all phyllosilicates . Apophyllites are part of Zeolites , which also includes minerals such as Calcites , Stilbites, Chalcedonies, Okenites , Gyrolites, Phrenites, Datolites, Scolecites , Heulandites , ... Theseminerals are also found in the form of Geodes .

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