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Gem Apophyllite on Heulandite

Gem Apophyllite on Heulandite

€110.00 Regular Price
€62.00Sale Price

Apophyllite gem and Heulandite from India.


Very beautiful Apophyllite, a brilliant piece.

It deserves its place in the most refined collections or the most prestigious showcases.




Provenance: Kannad Mine, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India

Size: 14 cm by 12 cm by 5 cm for 887gr


Definition: Apophyllite is not a mineral species, but a generic name for a group comprising three different species that form continuous series. All are phyllosilicates. Apophyllites belong to the Zeolites group, which also includes minerals such as Calcites, Stilbites, Calcedoines, Okenites, Gyrolites, Phrenites, Datolites, Scolecites, Heulandites, ... These minerals are also found in the form of geodes.

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