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Aquamarine Quartz on Muscovite from Pakistan

Aquamarine Quartz on Muscovite from Pakistan


Aquamarine on Muscovite and Quartz.

Museum piece , sky blue color. 100% natural top quality gemstone! AAA +++

This Aquamarine deserves its place in the best prestige collection showcases!


Provenance: Fiker Mine, Nagar Valley , Gilgit District, Gilgit-Baltistan, Northern Areas of Pakistan .
Size: 25 cm by 17 cm by 8 cm for 3kg820
Size of the biggest crystal: 3.3cm by 1.8cm by 1.8cm

Chemical formula: Be3Al2Si6O18

Crystal system: hexagonal

Hardness Mohs scale: 7.5 to 8



It is a variety of beryl , transparent, light blue in color reminiscent of sea water, similar in appearance to topaz . It is a fine stone  ; also called semi-precious stone .

It is found in various forms such as A mas of Crystals, Crystal, raw or polished pebbles, Spheres or Eggs , and Jewelry .



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