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Amethyst Pendulum Pendant

Amethyst Pendulum Pendant


Amethyst and Carved Rose Flower Pendulum Pendant.

Very practical and useful a pendant that can be used as a pendulum .

Good quality natural stone pendant !

This Amethyst pendant is ideal for everyone!

No chain provided.

Size: 5.5cm by 1.5cm


Properties : Amethyst is a mineral which has virtues linked to spirituality . Excellent against anxiety . Helps develop intuition and concentration in meditation . It is used in Lithotherapy to harmonize the crown chakra or other chakras needing energy harmonization . It soothes headaches and has protective effects , acting against negative waves . A large Amethyst or a geode protects the house and purifies the atmosphere . Help with all blood diseases. It strengthens the will and helps to find a calm sleep . Amethyst or Quartz Geodes are used for the purification of  jewelry , bracelets , mala necklaces , pendants , pebbles or crystals used in everyday life.


Purification and recharging :

Lunar light, druse or geode .


Amethyst in various forms:

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