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Biterminated Hexagonal Fluorite Pendant

Biterminated Hexagonal Fluorite Pendant


Multicolored Fluorite Fluorite Pendant Hexagonal Biterminized Point.


This natural stone pendant is cut in a double ended point , which allows a double circulation of energies for a perfect rebalancing !

100% natural and good quality mineral !

This Fluorite pendant is ideal for everyone!

No chain provided.


Size: 3.8cm by 0.8cm


Energy properties and Lithotherapy :

Fluorite neutralizes negative waves in a house or a room . It multiplies the capacities of the mind . It gives inspiration and helps creativity . Helps flush out toxins and promotes digestion . Help during studies or intellectual work. Intuition and spirituality , stone of meditation and personal development work .


Purification and recharging :

Lunar and solar light, Druse or Geode .


Fluorite in various forms:

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