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Genuine Larimar from the Dominican Republic


Superb Larimar slab in sea blue color!


  • Origin: Dominican Republic
  • Size: 9.3 cm by 5 cm by 1.7 cm for 112gr



Larimar is a blue-colored variety of pectolite that is found in the Dominican Republic . Its coloring varies from white to dark blue through different shades of blue.

This mineral has a restorative effect on the entire physical body . Its vibration is energizing and
harmonizing . The stone stimulates the vital centers and self-healing . The Larimar stabilizes the
nervous system and makes the joy of living . In addition, because it strengthens the functioning of
adrenals .
Larimar helps to avoid anger towards oneself and others, to be able to communicate
simply without aggression.
Very often used by reflexologists , Larimar can detect deficient points
on the meridians , and to energize them , especially if it is a question of draining the liver, the spleen and the vesicle
biliary. Under the feet, a few massages with this beautiful stone will have a beneficial effect
to activate the faulty points.
On the psyche , the Larimar helps us materialize our ideas and apply our
spiritual knowledge for everyday life; It transmits positive energies to us and
restorative . Its very pure energy acts especially on the etheric body . It allows the soul to
to flourish and to rejoice in all the beauties of life ; in short, to have a positive attitude
in the face of everyday life . It facilitates meditative states during relaxation sessions .
On the laryngeal energy center , the Larimar is worn at the level of the throat in order to facilitate
external communication with others
and also internal to be attentive to one's own
intuition . Placed on the solar plexus helps to unblock negative emotions , calms them
. It develops the capacities of clear clairvoyances, intuitions and dreams .

Here is our famous article on " fake minerals " as one can find in the market of fake Larimar .

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