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Geode of Celestine XL

Geode of Celestine XL

€490.00 Regular Price
€390.00Sale Price

Celestine geode from Madagascar XL


1st choice, beautiful and intense color!

ThisGeodewill satisfy the mostdemanding.

She deserves her place in thefinest collectionswhere themost prestigious showcases.

Tabular crystals.


  • Size: 24cm by 19cm by 18cm for 14kg850
  • Chemical formula: Sr[SO4]
  • Crystal system: Orthorhombic
  • Hardness Mohs scale: 3 to 3.5


Definition: Thecelestines area speciesmineralcomposed of strontium sulphate SrSO4.

Theircolorsrange fromsky blueto transparent white (gem), themcrystalscan betabularor inspikes, they are often found in the form ofGeodes or infree crystalss, but also inraw or polished pebbles.

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