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Giant Dioptase from Congo XL

Giant Dioptase from Congo XL

Giant Dioptase from Congo, Africa.


Ultra RARE and authentic gemstone dioptase.

Piece certified 100% natural . A very rare piece that can only be found in a few large collections around the world or in museums !!

Very beautiful emerald green color well supported!


  • Size: N / C
  • Chemical formula: Cu6Si6O18 • 6H2O
  • Crystal system: trigonal
  • Mohs scale: 5



Dioptase is a mineral that belongs to the family of silicates ( hydrated copper silicate ). It is formed by crystals in the form of prisms which are transparent or else translucent . Emerald green in color up to dark blue green, its size varies depending on whether it comes from Tsumeb in Namibia or from the Democratic Republic of Congo , Africa .

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