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RARE Crystal Skull in Rhodonite gemstone

RARE Crystal Skull in Rhodonite gemstone

RARE gemstone Rhodonite Crystal Skull .


Rhodonite gem skull in its transparent Quartz matrix .

Rhodonite is often pinkish and matte in color, here we have a gemstone red Rhodonite which makes it a very rare and very high quality mineral! We can say that it is a stone very close to Rhodochrosite .

Skull of great finesse with many details , shaped by hand .

Very powerful and Exceptional !

This Skull will satisfy enthusiasts , collectors or energy specialists , for Lithotherapy or for personal development work .




  • Origin of the stone : USA
  • Size: 9cm long by 7cm high by 5.5cm wide for 642gm
  • Virtues properties : Rhodonite and Rhodochrosite have similar energy virtues : Helps in the healing of many physical, etheric and emotional problems . Helps to strengthen the Heart and to harmonize the cardiovascular system ,  to harmonize the heartbeatInvigorates but without irritating, gives energy and calms at the same time. Gives courage , helps achieve goals , fights fears and anxieties . Harmonization of the organs of the lower abdomen, sexual stimulant . Fights skin allergies . Helps in the purification of the blood, to relieve osteoarthritis . Excellent protective stones against harmful electromagnetic waves .


Above these are the basic energetic properties of the stone , you should know that each skull has its particular energy and the energetic effects can differ more or less strongly from the basic properties ! It is up to you to find out its name and what it will bring you in energy . Good work !


On this link you will find The Legend of the Crystal Skulls


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