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RARE Crystal Skull in Rhodonite "The Will"

RARE Crystal Skull in Rhodonite "The Will"

RARE Rhodonite Crystal Skull.

Rhodonite ofhigh quality! We can say that it is aPierrevery close to theRhodochrosite.

Skullofgreat finessewith a lot ofdetails,shaped by hand.

Very powerful and exceptional!

ThisSkullwill do thesatisfactionofpassionate,collectorsWhereenergy companies,for theLithotherapyor forpersonal development work.


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  • Origin ofPierre:USA
  • Size: 5 cm long by 4 cm high by 3.5 cm wide for 128gr
  • properties virtues: TheRhodonite: Help withhealingmanyphysical, etheric and emotional problems.Helps fortifytheHeartand toharmonize the cardiovascular system,  toharmonizetheheartbeatTonifiesbut without annoying,gives energyandcalmat a time. Givescourage, help toachieve his goals,fightthemfearsand theanxieties.Harmonizationof theorganslower abdomen,sexual stimulant.fightthemskin allergies.Helps in blood purification,relieve osteoarthritis.Excellent protection stones against harmful electromagnetic waves.


Solinkyou will findThe Legend of the Crystal Skulls


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