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Crystal Skull in genuine Green Moonstone "La Chamane"

Crystal Skull in genuine Green Moonstone "La Chamane"

Crystal skull in genuine Green Moonstone "La Chamane".


Genuine Green Moonstone Skull.

real moon stone is of color peach gray to orange Orgraysometimes withGreen. THE white moonstones with blue reflections that wesells often injewelry store are inrealityof thewhite labradoriteand not ofmoon stone ! Look at ourarticleonfake minerals here

Cracknaturalon the side (no sticking or fragility)

Skull with a lot ofdetails, shaped by hand.

Very powerful, very soft and Exceptional !

ThisSkullwill do thesatisfactionofpassionate,collectorsOrenergy companies,for theLithotherapyor for personal development work.


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  • Origin ofrock :India
  • Size: 12 cm long by 7.5 cm wide by 9 cm high for 1kg200
  • properties virtues :Moonstone (variety of Feldspars),Gentle,calming, help withcreation and toartists. She usinspired, stimulates feminine energies.Hormonal regulation and relieves painful ovaries.Relieves painful menstruation, Dysmenorrhea. Help withfertility. She usaidin the romantic relationship, avoid thebreakups. Powerful stone in meditation, stimulates intuition.


Above are theenergy properties ofbaseof therock , it should be noted that eachskull possessesherspecial energy and the energy effects may differ more or less strongly frombasic properties ! It's up to you todiscoverhernameand what youwill bring energy.Well done !


Solinkyou will findThe Legend of the Crystal Skulls