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Amethyst Singing Crystal Skull "Awakened DNA"

Amethyst Singing Crystal Skull "Awakened DNA"


Amethyst Singing Crystal Skull.

Skull Singing in Dream Amethystwhich has the particularity ofawaken DNA.
ThisSkullhas an open jaw, hence the namesinging(who sings forrevealourDNAand ourdonations).
Skullofgreat finessewith a lot ofdetails,shaped by hand.
ThisSkullwill do thesatisfactionofpassionate,collectorsWhereenergy companies,for theLithotherapyor forpersonal development work.

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  • Origin ofPierre:Brazil
  • Size: 12.5 cm long by 10 cm high by 8.5 cm wide for 1kg612
  • properties virtues: Amethyst it s the beststone for intuition, meditation, concentration and the 7th chakras. Fights blood diseases,relievedthemheadaches. Shefortifiedthewill, helps to find thecalm and restorative sleep. Veryeficasseforneutralize negative vibes.Raise our vibration!

Solinkyou will findThe Legend of the Crystal Skulls


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