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Alien Crystal Skull in Quartz "The Being from the Stars"

Alien Crystal Skull in Quartz "The Being from the Stars"

€540.00 Regular Price
€300.00Sale Price
Alien or Extraterrestrial Crystal Skull in 1st choice Quartz .


Original and particular Alien skull in Quartz with rainbow !
Hand-carved alien skull, Quartz comes from Brazil

Very powerful and Exceptional ! Traveler of the Pleiades .

This Skull will satisfy enthusiasts , collectors or energy specialists either for Lithotherapy or for personal development work .




  • Origin of the stone : Brazil
  • Size: 14.5cm long by 6.5cm wide by 7.5cm high for 1kg128
  • Virtues properties : Quartz develops gifts. Aligns the Chakras, gives self-confidence, helps in meditation.


Above these are the basic energetic properties of the stone , you should know that each skull has its particular energy and the energetic effects can differ more or less strongly from the basic properties ! It's up to you to find out its name and what it will bring you in energy . Good work !


On this link you will find The Legend of the Crystal Skulls


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