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Agate Geode Sea Turtle

Agate Geode Sea Turtle


Sea Turtle Lucky Agate Geode


Beautiful sculpture! The stone comes from Brazil and is 100% natural.

Size: 5 cm by 5 cm by 1.5 cm for 47gr




A symbol of luck and longevity, the turtle is considered a good omen. Japanese culture lends it the ability to bring 10,000 years of happiness.

Descended to show men the way and save mankind, it is said to hold the secrets of heaven and earth.

A symbol of perseverance and wisdom, she helps us to pursue our path with determination and serenity. Symbolic of the path of peace, it invites us to cultivate harmony within ourselves and with our environment.



Symbol of the world, linked to the Earth

Ability to remain calm, even in chaotic times

Sovereignty, longevity and good luck

Helps recover energy, sleep well, calm down

Determination, perseverance

Emotional stability

Connection with ancient wisdom

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