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Barite Honey from France

Barite Honey from France


Barite Honey from France.


Very nice rare piece of deep yellow Barite .

It deserves its place in the most beautiful collections or showcases .




  • Origin: Saint George les Bains, Ardèche, France
  • Size: 21cm by 8.5cm by 9cm for 2kg356
  • Chemical formula: BaSO4
  • Crystal system: orthorhombic
  • Hardness Mohs scale: 3 - 3.5


Definition : Barite (or barite ) is a mineral species composed of barium sulphate . This mineral , of hydrothermal origin, has many varieties. Its density and the barium it contains are the main causes of its industrial uses and several million tons of barite are extracted and produced each year. 

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