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Phantom Amethyst from Veracruz, Mexico XL

Phantom Amethyst from Veracruz, Mexico XL

Phantom Amethyst XL


Rare mineral! Huge piece with very large gem crystals and intact!

Museum specimen! intact , and sublime presentation! Piece for discerning collectors .
Presence of bouquets of Amethyst flowers and bi-terminated crystals .

Ideal for a collector , this Amethyst mineral will bring satisfaction and deserve its place in the best collections or showcases.


  • Origin: Cerro de la Concordia, Piedra Parada, Veracruz, Mexico
  • Size: 31cm by 23cm by 18cm
  • Chemical formula: SiO2
  • Crystal system: Trigonal
  • Hardness Mohs scale: 7
  • Definition: It is a variety of purple quartz , found throughout the world ( Amethyst from Brazil, Uruguay, Africa, Mexico, Bulgaria, France …). This pronounced purple color is due to silicon dioxide . It is found in a very translucent to very dark format. We will find amethyst as an element of choice in jewelry and classified as a fine stone according to the quality of the crystals . It is found in various forms: Geodes of Amethysts, Druses or clusters of Crystals, Crystal, rough or polished pebbles , Spheres or Eggs , sometimes also in slices .
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