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Phantom Amethyst from Tehuilotepec, Mexico

Phantom Amethyst from Tehuilotepec, Mexico

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Phantom Amethyst from Tehuilotepec (Guerrero), Estado, Mexico


Ultra RARE Amethyst variety, top color with ghosts !

These are very rare Amethysts , almost nowhere to be found. They are in a dangerous place to access, this is one of the causes for which there are few parts found. It is also very difficult to find parts that are completely intact. The crystallization is typical and unique there, cathedral crystals with ghosts in some crystals . Some crystals are broken during mining in the mine .




  • Size: 13cm long by 7cm high by 9cm wide for 814gr
  • Chemical formula: SiO2
  • Crystal system: Trigonal
  • Hardness Mohs scale: 7


Definition: It is a variety of purple quartz , found throughout the world ( Amethyst from Brazil, Uruguay, Africa, Mexico, Bulgaria, France …). This pronounced purple color is due to silicon dioxide . It is found in a very translucent to very dark format. We will find amethyst as an element of choice in jewelry and classified as a fine stone according to the quality of the crystals . It is found in various forms: Geodes of Amethysts , Druses or clusters of Crystals , Crystal , pebbles raw or polished, Spheres or Eggs , sometimes also in slices .

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